IGLA Annual Meeting

Dear International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Membership,

The Board and I are very excited to welcome you all to Seattle this summer, our gracious host for the 2013 IGLA championships. An important part of this event each year is the AGM, our organization’s annual membership meeting. It is at this time that we are all able to come together to discuss important topics that directly affect IGLA and ever IGLA member.

Location: US Bank Center 1420 5th Ave. Suite 475 Seattle, WA 98101.
Schedule: 9am – Open Board Meeting
10am – AGM
11am – Strategic Planning Meeting and Committee Meetings
Attachments to Review: Letter from the Co-President
2013 AGM Agenda
2012 AGM Minutes
IGLA Articles of Incorporation
Amendments to IGLA Articles of Incorporation

We are excited to announce that Seattle has agreed to set up the first live web cast of the IGLA AGM. Membership will have the opportunity to participate in real-time from any location across the globe. More information about this is to follow in the coming weeks.

Please review the 2013 AGM agenda. There are several key issues that will be up for review. The first will be to approve the minutes from the 2012 AGM held in Reykjavik, Iceland. The official minutes were lost last summer due to a hard drive malfunction, and the Board has worked to piece together a summary of that meeting based on the 2012 agenda. We have attached this file for your review. If you have any input prior to the 2013 AGM please communicate that information via email to secretary@igla.org.

Another important topic of discussion will be our FGG Rep update on Gay Games X (2018), this includes updates on site selection and also a planned presentation from each of the three cities currently bidding; Limerick, London and Paris.

Now is also the time for teams interested in bidding for the IGLA 2015 championships to alert the Board as to their intentions. So far we have had moderate interest from several groups, but have yet to receive any solid confirmation of intent to bid. Resources are available to help structure your bid in order to meet the requirements. Please feel free to communicate any questions to Co-President David Hermann at hermannd12@yahoo.com.

Two other important items of discussions will be revisions to the Articles of Incorporation. One is the implementation of the Policy and Procedure committee in 2008 to restructure the board, and the other is to change the Statement of Primary Purpose of IGLA. This change would be to simplify the Statement in order to allow for the broader outreach already taking place throughout the organization. Please expect an outline of these revisions in the coming weeks.

Lastly IGLA Elections will be taking place at the conclusion of the AGM. Currently four board positions are available to be filled; two Co-Chair positions, Treasurer and Webmaster. The Board encourages any interested parties to attend the open board meeting prior to the AGM. Again any inquiries or questions can be communicated directly with Co-President David Hermann at hermannd12@yahoo.com.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all in Seattle!

David Hermann
IGLA Co-President, 2012/2013