Swim Team Competition Breakdown

Large Team Category

Team Size   Team Size
District of Columbia Aquatics Club 69   TNYA 61

Medium Team Category

Team Size   Team Size
Orca Swim Team Puget Sound Mstrs 36   Long Beach Grunions 30
San Fransciso Tsunami 29   West Hollywood Aquatics 27
Queer Utah Aquatic Club 18   Different Strokes San Diego Mstrs 16

Small Team Category

Team Size   Team Size
FINS Aquatic Club 11   Boston Lanes NE Masters 9
Atlanta Rainbow Trout 8   English Bay Swim Clb Vancouver 8
Swimming Queers United in Denver 8   Making Waves Swim Club Edmonton 7
St. Stymir Reykjavik 7   Colorado Masters Swimming 5
Minnessota ICE 5   Swim Fort Lauderdale 5
Kansas City Wave MOVY 4   Oregon Masters 4
Chicago Smelts Illinois Mstrs 3   Sacramento Masters 3
Blue Wave Aquatics 3   Downtown Swim Clb Toronto 2
Nadadores of South Florida 2   O*H*I*O Masters 2
Paris Aquatique 2   Team Auckland Masters 1
Different Strokes Calgary 1   Alaska Masters Swim Club 1
Hyrdopower Masters Swim Club 1   Sarasota YMCA Sharks 1
St Louis Masters 1   Cleveland Aquatic Club 1
SCJ Cologne 1   Stanford Masters 1